San Antonio After Dark Ghost Tour

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Author: Alamo City Ghost Tours

San Antonio
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The best part about the active virtual video tour is the number of stories you will hear compared to a standard walking tour. The active virtual video tour has a lot of videos to go along with the stories you are listening to at each location you stop.  As you leave each haunted site, a digital map will appear with a moving ball in the video; it will lead you from one haunted place to another.   The ghost tour will take approximately two hours if you do not make any extra stops along the way.   

Virtual video ghost tours are like having a private tour guide.

We highly suggest every person has a cellphone or an Ipad, for viewing and hearing the ghost tour. The ghost tour will be yours to watch at any time for the next 24 hours.

Come along and join us on a journey of Gruesome Tales, Twisted History, and Ghost Stories. Public executions, hangings, and shootings on the street corners are just a small part of the death and murder that has taken place on the streets of downtown San Antonio. San Antonio has had a dark and twisted history. Learn how the events of San Antonio's colorful past have created the ghost of today. That is why San Antonio is called one of America's Most Haunted Cities.

The price is $9.99, with no added charges.